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Let's repackage our perspective on plastic.

To reach global environmental targets such as net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, plastic will continue to be part of the solution. After all, with responsible action and management, 60% of clean energy and consumer product needs can be met with recycled plastics.

When Canadians Save Plastic not only do we reduce landfill waste, we also show the world that when responsibly managed, plastic is a fundamental resource in a modern and sustainable future.

More than just a call for action,

it's a call

for meaningful change.

it's a call for meaningful change

Save Plastic aims to reduce waste and consider plastic differently: as a responsibly managed, valuable resource that is essential for a modern, sustainable way of life.

Our goal is zero plastic waste by 2030.

Supporting the delivery of Canada’s Net Zero Climate target by 2050.

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Extended Producer Responsibility

Industry is taking the lead on improving recycling efforts across the country. Raising recycling rates by investing in recycling systems and innovation and initiatives that will help Canadian communities and municipalities save money. It’s on all of us to make sure we Save Plastic responsibly, keeping it out of landfills, and enabling Canadian innovation. We will benefit from a single system that has a greater harmonization of recycling programs across provinces. This will make recycling more accessible for the average Canadian.

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